Rehabilitation Practitioner (Equine) – Module II – Physiologie & Training

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This module is a prerequisite for certification as ABnR certified Rehabilitation Practitioner (Equine).


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ABnR Course Series

Applied Biomechanics & Rehabilitation Course Series

This course series focusses on functional biomechanics and rehabilitation presented in theoretical lectures and intensive hands on practical sessions in small groups.

It consists of four equine and four canine modules and provides thorough insight into modern rehabilitation science and techniques as well as state of the art tools and techniques to use in your daily practice! To give you the best possible learning experience we invite experts from all over the world to teach along with us.

All modules are self-contained and can be booked individually.

However taking all modules enables you to qualify as ‚ABnR certified Rehabilitation Practitioner‘ for either equine, canine or both! The modules & courses are repeated every two years – you can start with any module at any time.

Course Content: Equine - Module II

  • the physiology of training: training with stimuli, interval training, rest periods, nutrition and supplements
  • muscle physiology, development and performance
  • riding is the most common training method for horses: how can we optimize?
  • what do we have to consider? Biomechanics, self-carriage, engagement and proprioception, muscle health and strength and functional stabilization in our patients
  • lunging can support other forms of rehabilitation and training: what are the pros and cons of specific lunging programs such as Equikinetic® or Schiefentherapie® ?
  • pole work, lunging equipment, side reins, therabands, stabilization trainers, proprioceptive mats, vibration therapy
  • general equipment evaluation in theory and practice: focussing on key points of a well fitting saddle and bridle respectively collar and harness

This module is a prerequisite for certification as ABnR certified Rehabilitation Practitioner (Equine).

The module can also be booked independently of the Academy certification program.


Dr. Russell MacKechnieGuire 

Dr. Carolien Munsters 

Dr. Emmanuelle van Erck 

Dr. Anna Ehrle

Dr. Nadine Blum 

Dr. Julia Rohrbach. 

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