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Veterinarians (m/f/d) waiting for their german professional license as technician for anesthesia

in Kleintierklinik in Ismaning bei München

Oskar-Messter-Str. 6
85737  Ismaning bei München
Verfügbar ab: 01.04.2024

Anstellung: Teil- und Vollzeit

Laufzeit: befristet

Veterinarians (m/f/d) waiting for their german professional license as technician for anesthesia

You are passionate about sick and injured animals and accompanying them through the entire anesthesia process? You are looking forward to working with innovative ventilation and monitoring technology? You are not afraid to place vein catheters and respiratory tubes?

Do you keep  cool even in critical situations?In that case we are more than happy – if you already have some professional experience –  about your application. This job is ideal for veterinarians (m/f/d) in their recognition period, to be comprehensively trained in the subject area by our specialists.As a veterinarian (m/f/d) in recognition period you have already completed your veterinary studies and are currently working on your doctoral thesis or are waiting for the recognition of your degree in Germany and your German license to practice veterinary medicine.

Your tasks:

  • Taking care of our patients before, during and after an operation
  • Coordination of anesthesia including the guidance of the vet nurses and selection of anesthetics
  • Execution of anesthesia from induction of anesthesia to monitoring during surgery to recovery phase
  • Billing of all items related to anesthesia in our billing system
  • General assistance (X-ray checks, taking over emergencies, etc.)

Admission of surgical patients and assistance in surgery Your requirements:

  • completed studies in veterinary medicine
  • willingness to work for us for at least 12 months
  • German language skills on at least level A2, if you have very good English or Brazilian language skills. You should also be willing to reach B2 level in German within 18 months. We are happy to keep evenings or mornings free in the rosters for you to attend your German course

In anesthesia, your working day workday begins between 7:30 and 8:30 am.  Furthermore, there are late shifts from 11:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. or from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. and super late shifts until 10 p.m.. After a two-month training period, you should also be able to take on call duty.

The position is full-time or part-time with a minimum of 30 hours per week.

Please apply via our application portal:

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Tierklinik Ismaning GbR

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